the sales of the entire industry

  • NPC, CPPCC proposal has repeatedly raised this issue. In order to help enhance people's environmental awareness, to guide consumption and save timber resources, this time will be a one-time wooden chopsticks into the scope of consumption tax tax rate of 5%. For large enterprises, the tax also brought them a lot of pressure.

    For example, the price increase is bound to divert some consumers, thus affecting the sales of the entire industry. Reporters also interviewed a natural wood industry, a regional dealer, he said that the tax on the enterprise is very sudden, the pressure of the enterprise must be increased, although he has not received notice of price increases,

    but , Prices should be inevitable. At the same time he also said that some companies do not rule out the industry in order to lower prices and self-digested taxes and fees. In 2006, for the flooring industry, there have been many big events, these events seem to have all the solid wood flooring and can not be separated from the relationship,

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