construction of cushioning material

  • Room of construction of cushioning material of lane of G train railroad car, bowling, ground, agriculture, activity / the application of bedplate of sewing machine of wallboard of composite chairs composite material plans light-duty building, adornment, billboard, industry is waited a moment, treatment procedure is simple and quick safe.

    7, OSB board is decorated in adornment, in high-grade furniture, export package waits side effect a moment to still be outstanding, special in export package respect, avoid fuming how to make a plexiglass fence or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs, exit avoids check, this is exporting the case with green severe camp, it is a very large dominant position!

    8, directional particieboard can composite deck fence be divided for OSB1, OSB2, OSB3, OSB4 4 grade. OSB1 is mixed for general utility board decorate material (include furniture) , apply to requirement of indoor and dry state to fall. OSB2 is bear the weight of plank,decks made from slats apply to requirement of indoor and dry state to fall. OSB3 is bear the weight of plank, apply to damp state requirement to fall.