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  • Establish group of ecology of entire industry catenary through compose, and efficient cooperation and working fractionize, optimize configuration all sorts of lumber resource, plastic wooden deck manufacturer the benign health of stimulative lumber industry develops. According to introducing, in blend in " one belt all the way " below big setting, linyi city with " trade is connected 5 continent, big beautiful new Linyi " give priority to a problem, more outstanding " the edge is taken all the way,

    city of the foreign trader that build the 16 ft composite decking of great capacity " the strategy. Relevant controller introduces association of trade of Linyi city timber, with " one belt all the way " country of node of along the line and area attach most importance to a dot, linyi will organize wooden estate company, guild to wait with all one's strength accelerate " go " , optimize overseas strategy second hand wood outside flooring distribution, concentration is built " abroad store " , industry of lumber of force hurried Linyi and overseas market demand are efficient butt joint, create new development opportunity for Linyi lumber industry.

    Near future of dispatch of network of Chinese quality news, according to the unified deploy of total bureau of national qualitative check, the product of 12 kinds of industry that anti-fungus plastic floor suppliers organization of bureau of Fujian Province qualitative inspect produces to saving a company originally made yield tasting quality country linkage to supervise selective examination. The product of floor of 7 batch aggrandizement that announced on October 8 according to net of this bureau official selectives examination examine result, all qualification.