Purchased machinery

  • Fund-raising, shares and other purchase of machinery, not easy to manage, the original mechanical tolls have been unable to stand, plus fund-raising machinery, "machine to eat" will be better control. In the course of the specific operation, some units in recent years on the one hand very little or simply did not arrange, did not use other methods to raise funds to purchase conservation machinery; the other hand, with a very poor purchase of machinery, Some attention and welcome. Mechanical utilization and economic benefits are not optimistic, leading to some funders did not expire on the request to return funds, and compacted the effect of excellent tamping ramps, plate ram and other small equipment, in the live demonstration, promotion, almost Idle in the material room and no people interested, compaction of the road is still used to crush. The reason is that the use of mechanical trouble, need to fuel consumption, do not know the way to block the way of running, can not achieve the effect of compaction, caused by the maintenance of the year when the year of bad or bad loss will be mechanical How many times the fuel consumption. Get to know, mainly failed to get out of the above understanding of the errors. How to get out of the misunderstanding, the key is to update the concept. crack filler for driveway airport grade driveway sealer home remote control concrete power trowel walk behind concrete grinder rental