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  • anti ultraviolet additives containing formula, on the surface should be smooth surface, color white. Special remind everybody is, a lot of people think that the window is the same white, in fact, the UPVC color profile grade should be white in the green, the color of anti-aging properties, are not exposed to the weather aging, outdoors sanwushinian discoloration, deformation. Low profile is yellow white in color, this sunscreen ability is poor, will become more yellow until the aging, deformation, brittle fracture using a few

    years later, the reason is too much calcium in profile recipe. Everyone from previous years have been widely used, and now has become the calcium plastic window recognition can be understood. Therefore, we must carefully select the UPVC profiles, manufacturers can ask for different profiles section together, which is better or worse. Second, is to look at the doors and windows of the selected hardware. High grade doors and windows of the hardware are made of metal, its intrinsic strength, appearance,

    use are directly affecting the performance of the doors and windows. A lot of cheap model steel is the selection of plastic hardware, its quality and life exists great potential. Third, is the window of assembly quality, mainly to see whether the appearance of smooth lossless, welding angle is neat, the hardware is complete, there is no steel etc.. The most important point is that we must check the doors and windows factory had no Committee issued a production license, do not covet cheap, the street workshop

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