solar panels

  • Technology coatings can change ordinary glass for solar panels The solar panels can be stripped like a band-aid to adhere to the surface of the object - that is, solar energy may be able to provide energy compositec wood 2 x 4s for all the objects. The new solar panels provide the same size as ordinary solar panels, and it is important that the solar panels do not require any assembly, greatly widening the potential application of solar technology.

    In order to peel the solar cell from the sheet, the sheet must be placed in water at room temperature, the heat release tape will slowly disengage, so that water penetrates into the nickel masterpiece composite wood molding and silicon dioxide interface, the solar cell will slowly out of the hard film, but Still attached to the heat release tape. This experiment has shown that the stripping process does not affect the effectiveness of solar cells.

    "And not wasted, the silicon sheet will not only be damaged, but also very clean, after the solar cell stripping, it can be used repeatedly. Imagine, after you can stick wpc patio for sale in spain the solar cell helmet, mobile phone, convex window, can carry Electronic equipment, clothes and other things on the surface. "This process can be applied to thin film electronics, including printed circuit boards, ultra-thin transistors, liquid crystal displays and so on. "Clearly, the combination of thin-film electronics and thin-film solar cells has made it possible for many new products from smart Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust clothes to new space systems," invented a high-tech paint capable of changing ordinary glass for solar panels. Ordinary glass smear on this paint turned into a photoelectric conversion can be high-tech solar panels.