raw material market

  • Rise in price to prove raw material market prices, with entering the Africa of annatto GB Hua Li is exemple, raw material of its the beginning of the year makes an appointment 2x6x8 Pvc Boards Wholesale with 2500 yuan every tons, 5000 yuan are controlled now, go up adjacent 100% .

    Domestic annatto raw material also is in a week mad go up 15% , photograph comparing goes up before New Year exceed 30% generally, most was as high as 50% , of raw material in short recycled plastic lumber for sale supply also cause 10%~20% of rise of price of annatto furniture near future.

    Above price go up from data intuitionistic reacted raw material goes up, show in the round in whole industry catenary come: Above all, country of country of origin is Laos, composite decking suppliers south yorkshire Vietnam, Burmese wait for state of origin the exit policy since this year and the condemnatory degree that cut to privately chaos, include to sentence etc heavier and heavier. A person of the same trade bought raw material of wood of 3 million beautiful pear in Laos recently, cannot go out to close finally, the reason is state of origin does not let condo deck tiles from ikea export raw material. But under, he must ask a worker to open furniture makings reexport in place, bring about cost leap.