solid wood flooring at the same time

  • Moderator: Thank you for your interview with Sina home, precast hollow core slabs philippinesI wish you business development is getting better and better! Warmly celebrate the long Sheng new solid wood floor production capacity of over 10 million square meters! Jusheng floor for the feedback to consumers, in the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration, [url=]change a wood floor on a boat to a composite floor[/url]launched in the country "Ace Jiu Sheng ten years celebration of China Thanksgiving line" large Thanksgiving promotions! 56 yuan / M2, 79 yuan / M2 long Sheng new solid wood flooring, ultra-low-cost long Sheng US Pennsylvania red rubber floor, mid-large bargain-hunting, universal peak benefits, thanks to the country!

    As the leading manufacturer of wood flooring industry, in order to meet the growing needs of the market, while building their own traditional advantages of solid wood flooring at the same time,[url=]timber football fence[/url] it is vigorously, the company is committed to the development of new products, Promotion of long Sheng solid wood flooring and new solid wood (high-definition impregnated paper laminated wood floor) five-star standard floor.composite wood decking tiles supplier houston Long time to spend huge sums of money to build a new solid wood flooring production base, configure a world-class automated production lines, independent R & D and production of long Sheng new solid wood flooring,

    the current production capacity has more than 10 million square meters, 100 balance of mainstream varieties. On the morning of July 5, Jusheng Flooring Co., Ltd.[url=]plastic folding doors thailand[/url] received a civil ruling from the Higher People's Court of Zhejiang Province. The appellant, Jiangsu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. withdrew the appeal to the Provincial High Court on the grounds of accepting the judgment of first instance.Wood Plastic Flooring Products Jiu Sheng eventually won this "patent infringement" case. And the success of this lawsuit is Jiusheng new solid wood flooring to take the road of independent production research and development of the best notes.