bamboo floor sell

  • Company staff is introduced wooden floor panel Hungary , all of these are in accordance with the standard custom of different countries. "This is sent to Japan, they asked for simple but elegant type. The batch is Canada bespoke, they need is the size of the super long best fence for children to play ." Face in from of orders, the company was concerned about can supply timely.

    There is a data necessary for transshipment transverse bamboo floor sell like hot cakes. According to the local township officials said horizontal floor under decking , the original cross for transshipment bamboo of the purchase price per one hundred jins of 10 yuan, now has "jumped" to 28 yuan per one hundred jins.

    Although cross for transshipment is a production of bamboo "large family", but the local bamboo resources is quite tight, a lot of raw materials have to out from the other cities anti skid water wood polymer composites floor . In spite of this, but the bamboo and wood floor on the native place market is popular.