manager of limited

  • Jin Zhanghong of general manager of limited company of annual red furniture makes a speech,This kind of lumber I am to see for the first time, find everything new and fresh, light plastic deck boards the feeling is OK still. Ever had done before our company produce the Hei Zitan from Africa, the price is more substantial, sales volume is very large. We also want innovation to upgrade now, cannot act blindly, the achievement of indulge associate with.

    Look from company point of view, the market of lumber of rosewood of Solomon great part of a historical period guides with promotion foreground, my individual feels " outside porch water proof the graph is compared " can make annatto furniture, but cannot domain of furniture of annatto of bureau be confined to, if be fixed position high end directly, walk along high end,

    sell high price, this remains deliberate, the likelihood takes in a popular style more reliable. If be located in the masses to consume surely, market potential is very great, pergola shapes design the product that at the same time the design comes out should be mixed from design photograph of soft outfit, software is united in wedlock, do the design of good whole atmosphere.ultra timber composite landscape timbers