The working principle of asphalt filling machine for highway pa

  • Speed ??up the road maintenance mechanization aims to: improve the quality of road maintenance; to adapt to the harsh weather and natural disasters in the case of conservation needs; to achieve rapid conservation to protect the road flow; increase the scientific and technological content of conservation, improve the technical quality of road workers to adapt to market economy , To protect the existing conservation resources, expand the future conservation market. Its meaning is far-reaching and significant. How to speed up the realization of road maintenance mechanization? I believe that: we must do our best to do the following: Update the concept, out of misunderstanding, road maintenance mechanization is the modern highway maintenance advanced nature of the basic Peugeot, is to achieve large-scale modern conservation mode of production protection, the resulting economic and social benefits is huge, is gradually forming a consensus. But there are still some comrades, not out of the understanding of the errors. Thus, to a certain extent, hinder the smooth development of highway maintenance mechanization. portable road grooving machine different types of hot air lance wall cracks maintenance program pouring glue shock resistant