the rapid development of its processing

  • Suifenhe region of wood early processing industry also will be the rapid development of its processing scrap for the Suifen River and the surrounding areas of wood products manufacturing enterprises to provide a large number of high quality cheap raw materials, and promote the development of related industries. Personal income increased year by year so that the Russian residents increasingly focus on home decoration,

    which led to China's furniture and decorative wood products exports, in 2006 Suifenhe port export veneer MDF and the number of veneer than in 2005 increased 1.32 times. From September last year, most of the flooring prices rose three times in two months, but there are individual brands that are cautious about the price increase in the third quarter of 2006 and did not raise prices,

    but chose to start price adjustment in the fourth quarter. Therefore, inferred from the rate of raw material prices, several times last year, the price adjustment may have been finished the impact of substrate prices. Flooring manufacturers choose off-season prices, do not rule out is to meet the spring of 2007 sales season savings energy and space,

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