waterproof new materials

  • Building roof with waterproof new materials to effectively reduce building energy consumption With the process of urbanization is accelerating, the rapid increase in urban and rural construction, how to effectively plastic roofing under decking solve the problem of high energy consumption, become a major concern in today's society focus. In the past, in order to build the roof to achieve waterproof, heat insulation, insulation and other functions, must be two steps to go, do the insulation layer, do waterproof layer, the construction process up to 7 to 8, the cost of high cost, energy saving Not ideal, and even there are flammable, leaking pvc garden fencing suppliers in scotland water seepage, delamination cracking and other hazards.

    To this end, the Beijing Construction Engineering Materials for the traditional roofing materials and construction practices to improve innovation, the use of lightweight aggregate, special waterproof gel and fiber, developed a high water resistance, high insulation, non-combustion, life Long waterproof insulation materials, the successful realization of flame wood plastic composite products surface retardant, insulation, waterproof integration, saving the construction period, put an end to the prevalence of the channeling channeling phenomenon.

    At the same time, by changing the proportion of materials, the traditional insulation construction process is simple for the four processes, that is, bonding waterproof layer, waterproof insulation to find slope layer, waterproof insulation layer and wood composite decking for siding waterproof protective layer, effectively enhance the roof cracking resistance and deformation capacity, construction speed , The combined cost is low.