Plant mixed asphalt gravel pavement

  • Asphalt sand, asphalt soil, asphalt crushed (gravel) stone mixture, etc .; according to different types of asphalt material are divided into: petroleum asphalt pavement, coal asphalt pavement, natural asphalt pavement and residue pavement. But the more common classification method is divided according to its construction method, technical quality and use characteristics: asphalt concrete pavement, asphalt mixed asphalt pavement, asphalt penetrating pavement, road mixed asphalt crushed (gravel) stone mixture pavement and asphalt Surface treatment pavement. Cold shop. Asphalt concrete hot mix cold shop, and some countries also known as cold asphalt, commonly used in maintenance of small repair or need to transport long-distance mixture of the project, the use of asphalt than hot mix hot shop is dilute, the amount is less, At room temperature when the appropriate degree of loose and sticky, but its life is less than hot mix hot shop. heavy duty construction vehicle road cutter machine rental router designed for operators price of asphalt distributor trucks