Around furniture industry

  • optimize industrial catenary. Around furniture industry safety, environmental protection, zoology, accelerate extend filling industry cable length, raise industrial correlation vinyl kitchen floors to spend, support industrial chain with innovation catenary. Rely on the Shen Xintai rich international that invests 3 billion yuan to live in content shedding to read extensively center,

    hold the fair of clear abundant furniture that faces the whole nation every year, attracted Zhejiang floor of course of study of new century door, Wo Ma spy, Luoyang civilian installs producers of wood composite decking in germany equipment of people's air defense, civilian home house is packed, Wen Zhou arranges content shedding to wait for project of catenary of a batch of industries to enter more halt, drove the development of the enterprise of associated form a complete set such as treatment of local metal fittings, plank.

    Open action business to make furniture,recent years, clear abundant county around accelerate those who build mid furniture, ceaseless aggrandizement enrols business solid wpc decking price responsibility, innovation enrols business train of thought, improve the way that enrol business, extend the domain that enrol business, be dedicated to enlarging the achievement that enrol business.