the building function and life

  • Curtain wall is not water, profiles, glass, sealant selection design is the key Glass curtain wall seepage problem seriously affected the use of the building function and life, reducing the safety and durability choice composite decking for patio of the building. Glass curtain wall water seepage is very complex, involving the design, material use, construction and management and other aspects. 1, the glass curtain wall water seepage analysis of aluminum (entry "aluminum" provided by the industry Encyclopedia)

    aluminum surface treatment does not meet national standards, the surface coating adhesion is not strong, oxidation model is too thin or too thick, resulting in sealing composite vinyl supplies houston Adhesive failure. the main force components of the aluminum column and the lack of strength of the beam, the stiffness is not enough, the cross-section (the "cross section" by the industry Encyclopedia) force part of the wall geom pvc thickness of less than 3mm, the load standard value (entry "standard value Under the action of the industry.

    the relative deflection is greater than L / 180 or the absolute deflection is greater than 20mm, the curtain wall is seriously deformed, displacement and rainwater leakage (the term "leakage" is provided by the industry encyclopedia).

    not the use of high-quality high-precision grade aluminum materials, especially the curtain wall column should be ultra-high precision grade. Aluminum profile failure, the bending degree, twist degree, wave degree and other interlocking deck board price Australia serious exceeded, resulting in the whole curtain wall flatness, vertical degree can not meet the requirements.