703 adhesive sealant

  • 703 silicone rubber, 703 silicone rubber, 703 silicone rubber is a good adhesion, high strength, non-corrosive one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. With excellent electrical insulation properties, sealing performance and aging resistance, can be in the range of -50 �� - +250 �� long-term use. 703 room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber not only has outstanding resistance to high, low temperature and aging resistance, excellent electrical insulation and moisture shock resistance, but also has excellent adhesion, it can be a wide range of bonding metal, non-metallic, plastic And rubber. Has excellent resistance to high temperature and hot water resistance, heat sealing device is the ideal material. Applicable to household appliances. Electric electrical appliances in the insulation seal, apply to the electrical insulation coating and point plug seal. Can also be used for TV line output transformer component repair, high pressure cap between the hook spring moisture seal, anti-ignition and arc suppression purposes. Also used for neon transformers, energy-saving lamps on the components of the electric tube, rice cookers, electric iron and electric heating equipment on the insulation seal. asphalt crack repair hot supermax lathe parts regular maintenance machinery maintenance how do expansion joints in bridges work