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  • feel the breath of spring and cool under high temperature conditions. Such as white, light green, light gray and other colors. Of course, this is just a general feeling of color, can also according to their personal preferences to choose, in order to maintain a consistent style color and strong color selection for some Home Furnishing decoration, but the main decoration can be good-looking, suitable for. The kitchen tile purchase note 1, buy tiles must be marked with green signs must pay attention to health standards

    promulgated by the state, not to buy non tile products or counterfeit products, if the economic conditions allow recommendations or choose and buy big brand tiles. 2, the hardness of the tile must be high, at the time of purchase, you can remove two tiles tapping, if brick sound crisp, with a metal sound that the intrinsic quality of its high hardness, good; if the sound is hoarse, then it is likely that there are cracks in the brick. 3, the wall of the kitchen is often affected by the oil fume, so the wall tiles must have anti

    oil, scrub resistance characteristics, so we must consider the selection of low water absorption tiles. The above content is to introduce you to the small house tile kitchen renovation tips to buy, I hope to help you, if you want to know more about the kitchen tile purchase skills, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.In the living room, kitchen, Home Furnishing decoration aisle, bathroom etc. these places is the most widely used local tiles, with the use of consumer demand, tile styles are more and

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