the glass curtain

  • design can also be considered in the glass curtain wall set to collect the pipeline and drainage (the word "drainage" by the industry Encyclopedia) pipeline, will penetrate into the cracks into the curtain wall of timberwolf wood composite landscape edging the water collected together, through the drainage pipe smooth to the indoor A designated drain hole. �� selection of high-quality silicone sealant structure, weathering silicone sealant, wall glue, but also to strengthen the inspection to prevent expired use. Selection of high-quality float glass, glass must be treated by the edge, glass size error in line with the standard requirements.

    attention to control composite decking serbia the use of sealant environment, is strictly prohibited rainy days for weathering silicone sealant construction. Indoor temperature should not be higher than 27 ��, relative humidity (the term "relative humidity" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) should not be less than 50%. Remove dust, grease, loose objects and other dirt from the aluminum frame, glass or crevices before filling. After filling the plastic difference between sound absorption wpc board & ply board should be embedded in the dense, smooth surface, strengthen the conservation, to prevent hand mold, water red and so on.

    according to the specification requirements, the glass curtain wall construction process should be layered anti-rain leakage performance inspection, in order to repair, control curtain wall quality.

    glass curtain wall quality inspection, sub-conceal acceptance and engineering acceptance of two categories, hidden acceptance is installed in the aluminum frame after the main test to connect the firmness of the steel code to test the main structure of Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust the curtain wall (entry "subject structure" by the industry Encyclopedia provides) the gap node installation, expansion joints installed. Project acceptance in the glass curtain wall after the completion of the project.