industry grows a tendency

  • Man-made board industry grows a tendency,Current, man-made board market is existing 3 big tendency of the market, with respect to industry respect, although general economy is park bench do it yourself old the trend is not clear, but the growth rate of man-made board industry as before considerable. Will look with respect to area, the man-made of Asia-Pacific area developing country board industry, 2010 - the growth of 62% appeared during 2014, of ability of consumption of China of this main also profit from drive.

    From driving force angle, the economy of burgeoning country grows, need; of more infrastructure raw material as man-made board the technology of the industry innovates,plastic lumber fence europe product quality gets promotion, the price also rises; accordingly at the same time, the change of consumer be fond of, want to seek more the product of high quality, wait to product design had new requirement, so technology of industry of behoove base oneself upon innovates, decide a consumer be fond of definitely, ensure the lawful sex of lumber composite wall panels canada origin.

    African Ao Guman and sawn timber of eucalyptus of Asian Malaysia willow contend for market share, mix in south Africa especially middle east market. Recently a few weeks,windproof wood fence panels on slope willow eucalyptus sawn timber acquires good market share all the time in south Africa, but in middle east market, ao Guman and willow eucalyptus these two kinds of lumber are very popular.