tree wood floor

  • Special present fashionable recycled plastic composite decking planks price , personalized: spell the floor spelling a flower, vertical wooden floor, etc. For now the vast majority of consumers prefer tongue-and-groove floor. Determine the types of floor, please follow the steps below to buy: 1, tree wood floor: trees very much, precious hua limu, teak, Generally have a maple wood, oak wood, northeast China ash, sweet croton tongue and groove pressure treated 2x6 price ; Cheap Chinese fir, pine, etc., price difference is very big.

    Mislead the tree is planted name on the market is very broad, please press the floor board of association of industry of Chinese forest products issued by the commonly used wood standardization commercial name to check cheap diy fencing anti bacterial ideas , or pick their favorite tree species, texture, color, as far as possible to choose color plate, don't choose color board,

    try to choose material sex stability of tree species, avoid the wood floor appeared in the process of long-term use of ladle, twisting, bending, cracking, the phenomenon such as arch decking wall panel in malaysia price , ring. 2, choose the size: currently on the market supply of real wood floor, the sizes are longer, wider, such as 18 mm * 90 mm * 900 mm, in fact,