basically give priority

  • basically give priority to with SPF plank, tertiary is Thailand, basically give priority to with Thailand balata wood. Because house of our country commodity sells area and countrywide estate development,investment grows compared to the same period. Estate market warms up continuously, add our country natural dnon skid treads for decks isaster is more this year, home rebuilds to increase to lumber demand after calamity, make log consumption increases, for our country log the entrance creates a condition.

    According to statistic, accumulative total of log import volume finished 1- in August 2016 thirty-two million three hundred and twenty-five thousand five hundred stere, portable outdoor flooring ideas than going up year of growth 5.93% , than last year the corresponding period increases 1.81 million stere, increase 954 thousand stere many months than going up. Import volume achieved 4.24 million stere August, import sixty-six thousand three hundred stere more than July.

    Our country is log entrance big country, log entrance estimates growth, drive international log market to trade of the quantity climb litre, if be in country of main log decorative pvc exterior wall panels entrance, in last few years since the situation that volume of major nation export drops substantially already got a change, log export volume appears the growth of two digit,