conference and related activities

  • industry associations and enterprises from all walks of life in the field of building materials industry, investment and financing institutions, more than 1,000 experts and scholars attended the conference and related activities.[url=]type of materials flooring for 2nd flooring deck[/url] Activities scene, Sina home reporter interviewed Jiu De Baolong (Beijing) Co., Ltd. installation cost for composite fenceDeputy General Manager Li Mingxi. The following is an interview Record: Moderator: Thank you Nian De Baolong (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Mingxi to accept our interview. Are you participating in this event several times? Lee total: the first time.

    Moderator: how does this show feel? Li total: show quite big,[url=]best composite timber australia[/url] able to learn a lot of things.Inexpensive Wood Plastic Patio Flooring This time we are in Beijing just take this opportunity to look at the north and northeast vigorously develop the market, increase market share. Now mainly southwest, northwest, east more strong. Moderator: Beijing floor too much, you as a professional is not all can not tell? Lee: Now more and more floor brands, but the real value of the flooring brand is not a lot. Moderator: Do you think the current development trend of the flooring industry will be what?

    Li total: flooring industry development I think it is polarized, high-end high-end, the public is the public, to survive in the middle is difficult, and now our country to promote building materials to the countryside,[url=]composite wood tile roofing[/url] the market is very large, 1.3 billion people in half Rural, 50% of the market has not been developed, completely positioned in the high-end piece of this is not a certain strength and technology is not enough to take this mass, because there is a lot of space, relatively speaking, should be easier. And now are promoting building materials to the countryside,Best Wood Plastic Fence for Pool we still have to adjust the product for this market, the beginning, there are opportunities, we all go to the brain and then grab the difficult. Moderator: