appearance and anti-corrosion protection

  • Metal. Car parts, equipment, cans, alloy parts and other decorative, the industry it can also replace the traditional coating and give a variety of metal products elegant appearance and anti-corrosion protection. 4. For paper classes. Books, magazines cover, labels, cards and crates cardboard and wallpaper coated and so on.

    Such industries are now developing very fast. UV coatings and traditional printing technology combine to indirectly promote the process of human civilization. Paper-based UV coatings give the product a variety of gloss, wear or water resistance, making the product beautiful and durable. 5. For fiber. Some optical fibers are made of quartz glass,

    and for convenience, UV fiber coatings give them different colors and increase strength and reduce environmental pollution. 6. Other areas. I still do not know the industry, science and technology in the development of social progress, for UV coatings research further deepened, I believe there are unknown areas waiting for us to develop.

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