Glass flooring or into the new darling of the stadium

  • This glass floor has been used in a school gym in Germany where lighting can show a variety of border lines for sports, such as basketball, tennis, badminton, or other activities that can be carried out in a gym. If this how much labor per foot to install 6ft link fence glass floor is installed in a huge stadium, the game can be suspended on the floor to show the score and sponsor ads, midfield lounge can be staged lights show.

    This glass floor is called the ASB glass floor, and its material uses a ceramicpanel for outdoor wall process for a series of treatments to achieve elasticity and friction levels similar to standard wood floors. In addition, the glass surface after passivation treatment greatly reduces the reflection effect, so as to avoid the attention of athletes attention.

    This treatment also happens to hide any scratches caused during the movement, and the glass floor can be customized into any color. The color of plastic park bench slats replacement the floor can also be replaced later, which for the use of different colors of the sports team is very ideal.

    In addition, the glass floor is supported by a lightweight aluminum frame, and this frame also contains LED lights. When combined with sensor technology, this type of floor will be able to change the way the game and judgments. For example, the tennis court can use the LED lights and the ball inside the sensor marked tennis placement. Without the need to play back video in the game, LED light system can accurately provide the ball's placement or the athlete's foot outlet position. The company also laid out this advanced ASB glass flooring for other venues, such as nightclubs and arenas. For those who want people to dance with the music whenWood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust the floor presents a very creative lighting show of the club, the use of a variety of different colors of LED lights will be more perfect. This glass floor can also be used on the floor of the corporate headquarters to show the company's logo or the video of the most recent campaign.