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  • about the problem of the sliding, so the kitchen decoration floor tile maximum points is a slip. Insiders suggested that the best shop shop Matt tiles. Yaguang tiles is the most can meet the requirements of many kitchen non slip tiles, wear resistance and skid resistance of the brick is the best in all the tiles, glazed and not very hard, suitable for use in the kitchen. 2, kitchen decoration wall tiles to moisture and a lot of people in the decoration of the kitchen in order to save the trouble of tile selection, is often mixed with

    floor tiles, wall tiles are actually pottery, tiles and belongs to porcelain products, their physical characteristics are different. Pottery tile water absorption rate in about 10%, bibulous rate is many times higher than the cizhizhuan only 0.5%. Floor tile with low water absorption, suitable for laying on the ground. Earthenware is glazed tiles, high water content, the back of it is rough, so to put it on the wall adhesive. The tiles should not be pasted on the wall firmly, the wall will be spent too much water on the ground is not easy

    to clean. The kitchen and bathroom are water vapor larger places, the wall should pay attention to moisture, so do not mix the kitchen wall and floor tiles, to choose the best moisture glazed tile. 3, the kitchen is easy to clean up the kitchen tiles to clean up the oil is the largest place, often need to be cleaned, so the kitchen tiles to choose easy to clean tiles. A glazed tile, brick, tiles, polished tiles, mosaic tiles and other ceramic tiles, but out of consideration is not recommended to use clean mosaic in the kitchen, because

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