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  • make the entire renovation process handy. The house and a look at what to buy Tile tips. 1, the floor tiles to distinguish between the space in the choice of floor tiles, in the material to be differentiated. The tiles are divided into two kinds of polished tiles, glazed tiles, polished tiles and tiles, with the characteristics of good wear resistance, no water, due to the relatively smooth and beautiful, so it is used in the living room and dining room is good, but relatively easy to wipe. Glazed tile is also called mirror tile,

    characterized by good skid resistance, more water antiskid effect is better, but need to pay attention to the glazed tiles are sensitive to dust, resulting in the slip effect weakened, the kitchen and the bathroom as easily wet, it is best to use the glazed tile. 2, understand the essential parameters of ceramic tile hardness is the most important parameters, will directly affect the service life of ceramic tile, especially important. The method is the most simple methods can be used to knock sound, the sound crisp indicates

    the intrinsic quality is good, not easy to deformation and broken; according to the color, size can see a number of intuitive judgment, tile color is consistent, can better together, color small, size regular is the top grade. Of course, the identification of technical functions can not only rely on the feeling, but also to see the manufacturer's certification, in general, the technical standards of products are issued by the National Certificate of conformity. There is also an important parameter is the wear resistance, according to

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