cabinet light intensity

  • private space, should choose less glare of the deep cover type, translucent type lamps, at the entrance and bedside set up a total of three switches. The best is the color of the light orange, yellow or neutral color is warm, helps to create a comfortable atmosphere. In addition to the selection of the main lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, also due to wall lamp, have local lighting and decoration of small environment. 5, the collocation method of the lamp in the study of the study in addition to the layout of the table

    lamp but also set the general lighting, reduce indoor brightness contrast, avoid fatigue. Study lighting mainly to meet the reading, writing purposes, to consider the functionality of the light, simple and generous style, the light should be soft and bright, avoid glare, so that people learn and work comfortably. 6, the collocation method of the lamp in the kitchen kitchen must have enough brightness, to meet the needs of cooking when the need to operate. In addition to the installation of the kitchen light scattering smoke

    ceiling lamps, should also be in accordance with the kitchen layout, install wall lamp lamp according to the actual needs of the work table or take care of. The installation of lamps should be located as far away from the stove, avoid steam and smoke, and to use the safety socket. Lamps should be as simple as possible to facilitate the cleaning. In the open kitchen as a result of the kitchen and dining together, lighting settings to be slightly complex. In general, the bright lights can foil food attractive color, so the restaurant

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