floor material density

  • general export products manufacturers can be up to international standards wood decks railing pictures . Two pungent smell good base material is wood, wood standard is very exquisite, the bright, the current domestic use large base material (national level enterprise, inspection-free) will be preferred. Three is to look at the price lightweight hollow floor decking ,

    according to the home most of the administration authority statistics of homebred aggrandizement floor is in 70 yuan - 160 yuan between, less than 70 RMB (except favourable activity) commonly used materials and processing a little problem. 3, water absorption of fat degree: the indicators about easy expansion non skid for boat deck install , the floor material density about easy bibulous degree is low,

    the national standard for 10% or less. 4, the bonding strength: the strength, the greater the wood floor combined with the closer between the layers. Regulations of the state, the indicators should be more than 1 mpa cheap wooden deck sale indonesia , high-density substrate in general, Chinese bastardtoadflax environmental protection substrate, closely each other are up to standard.