out of cultivation

  • Will tell to the weak, here goes out of cultivation one piece namely and the broken ground that does not have future, graveyard field; In hopeful person look, here is full of a hope,buy a 8 foot plastic wading pool business chance is infinite, work energetically just about the place of youth of a feel no regret; In pessimism person look, corruption lags behind here, the crisis 4 bend over, perhaps where day dies with respect to what became this land fetch and roam about;

    Look in the traveler, everythings on earth grows here, nature is harmonious, let the heart have attributive and let place hopeful; The person that is travelling looks, crow dog barks here,metal entry decking window trim flocks and herds does not have foreword, zebra antelope, donkey elephant... some is to do not have Methodistic merely desultorily... ;

    Look in adventurer, it is exclusive here " nature " with " haggard " a concomitant expeditionary ground, all adventure, the bramble that is sacred arrangement; In easy and comfortable how to paint wood grain sliding closet deckings person look, here does not suit to live, all the day be nervous. All the day be nervous..