nature of this material

  • The chemical nature of this material is important and the texture is also important. It will tightly wrap the holes in the surface of the object to which the material is applied, forming a smaller pvc fencing in belfast mesh in these holes. This structure means that 95% to 99% of the coating is actually an airbag, so any liquid spilled on this coating is difficult to reach the solid surface.

    Since the liquid only contacts the solid surface of the mesh structure, rather than the larger area, so this wood plastic composite in dubai coating can significantly reduce the two states will usually attract molecules together between the force between the molecules. So that the impact of this van der Waals force to minimize the impact.

    "When the two materials are too close, they will inject a small amount of positive or negative charge into each other, and once the liquid comes into contact with the solid surface, it will garden landscape pergola spread out on the solid." We said, The interaction between the surface of the object and the droplets. "Almost no diffusion of the incentive, the droplets will continue to maintain the original state, only the droplets of their own molecules interact, they continue to maintain the ball, and rebound from the surface of the coating back The This type of coating is a so-called non-Newton species that Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust includes shampoos, cream cakes, blood, paint, clay and printer inks.