inspection and quarantine department

  • some countries will be very random on the imported products set unreasonable testing standards. Japan stipulates that the maximum residue of chlorpyrifos in spinach is 0.01 ppm, and only a few countries in the world have developed similar stringent standards. International Food Code and the United States did not develop the standard,

    the EU limit of 0.05ppm. Inspection procedures and inspection procedures Some countries in order to implement trade protectionism, when borrowing technical standards and other measures can not achieve the purpose of protection, the product testing, inspection procedures and inspection procedures set up obstacles.

    Egypt stipulates that imported cotton must be fumigated in both the country of origin and Egypt. This approach increases the cost of imported goods, trade has a significant impediment to the role. Korean law stipulates that fresh fruit must be tested by the Korean inspection and quarantine department after the risk assessment of pests,

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