interior of Russia

  • The author has favour to take the act original that submit to from interior of Russia forestry bureau, following: In act, allude to be birch log cent two products finally,outdoor tounge and groove flooring Brazil 15 centimeter reach the diameter 24 centimeter, length exceeds a meter, custom codes 4403995101 diameters 24 centimeter above, length exceeds a meter, custom codes 4403995102 in joining Russia to prohibit exporting product directory respectively. birch cent is the product of two kinds of grade,

    russia plywood association is to make act easier pass actually, although cannot prohibit completely,birch is exported, even if be only,let 24 centimeter above it is OK also to prohibitwhite vinyl polyresin outdoor privacy screen usage exporting alleviate greatly Russia churchyard is right the value that this stabilizes the demand of birch relatively. Right bid playing role note have Jeff of Russia premier Mei Dewei.

    This draft resolution was not passed two years tardy afore, the author thinks to have a lot of reason, among them since Wu Kelan crisis, russia annex overcomes Limiya,deck with matching colours the United States and Europe are right since the economic punish of Russia, the economy of Russia is to make a person anxiety-ridden, oil price of together with international steeps fall, more self-evident to the blow of the economy of Russia. In this kind of period, russia more hate to part with will so a god-given product that earns foreign currency gives chop. So, advanced two years draft resolution is passed impossibly.