of paint applied to the surface

  • Brand: Du Fang similarity: dynamic wallpaper like a curtain This is a wallpaper? Just like a wind fluttering curtains. This year's wallpaper is popular "dynamic" route, that is, the use of various ways to make the wall becomes three-dimensional, there is a sense of movement. Color, stripes, lines, etc. can make people illusion of the pattern has become the protagonist,

    of course, this also includes some of the middle of the flower pattern flowers. This wallpaper is beautiful and stylish, but if you use a large area in the living room will be dazzling, but with the living room in the backdrop and audio-visual room is a good choice. Brand: macro price: 380 yuan / volume (5.3 square meters) similarity: soft wall cloth like mural This wall is a soft base of the super velvet fiber,

    using the forefront of Europe Stablittapete pressing process, the surface is very texture texture, but the color is plain. You can choose according to individual preferences of different colors of paint applied to the surface, a few years later the old can be a layer of paint, but also a new wall. This wall cloth can be repeatedly applied 5 times the paint,

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