decoration, decorative painting with folk

  • decomposition. A style of painting and collocation skills minimalist style of decoration, decorative painting with some modern themes or abstract themes; avant-garde fashion style of decoration, decorative painting with modern abstract theme; oriental classical style decoration, decorative painting with folk or classical abstract themes; pastoral style decoration, decorative painting can be with the flower theme, and Western classical style decoration, the distribution of Western classical painting is the most appropriate.

    Two, the combination of space and painting skills of the living room is the main living room of the living room, the living room with painting requirements of stability, the atmosphere 1. Classical decoration to landscape, figures, flowers based. Modern minimalist decoration can choose the modern theme of the landscape, figures, flowers or abstract painting. Can also according to the special interests of the master, choose some special theme paintings, such as love pet friends can hang some animal theme paintings; love

    sports friends can hang some sports themed paintings; love literature and calligraphy, friends to hang some music and dance with the theme of painting. 2 restaurant dining places, you must try to reflect a kind of off also eat and boundless atmosphere, so it is best to create a comfortable and pleasant dining environment. Therefore, the color and image in the painting should be light, soft, quiet, fresh, the screen can hook appetite. General can be equipped with some flowers, fruits and vegetables, flowers, and other

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