insanity of raw

  • Annatto price whether emersion 2013 prices,The insanity of raw to the closest annatto material goes up situation, let many annatto businessmen remember the annatto prices 2013. lumber used for supporting beam The hot prices that was ever caused by CITES 2013 whether return this year? Market of finished product furniture can when the river rises the boat goes up too?

    "Although at present annatto raw material goes up situation is roaring, but want to return annatto prices appeared 2013 unlikely. " although go up,all of Founder of general manager of garden lumber market says raw material price, but market sales volume did not see go up. "Because the wave motion of the price is too big,railing coverings for balconies a lot of annatto furniture proprietor of an enterprises are in wait-and-see, dare not do it easily. Dare not do it easily.

    The data that trades from garden lumber market shows, whole " 11 " during, the lumber of garden market clinchs a deal to measure and do not have remarkable promotion, village green decorative fencing black maintain basically everyday in 20 come car, with before rising in price considerably invariant, and when annatto market is hot 2013, lumber of a day clinchs a deal the quantity is controlled in 100 cars.