painting masters, some netizens even

  • percent to create their own, if you love the movie westward journey, journey to the West may also support digital painting! What brand of digital painting which brand is good 5 painting masters about digital painting, Xiaobian think many netizens feel too expensive the painting masters, some netizens even think painting masters is simply profiteering. In fact, after all, a pennyHanging in the home is also to decorate the oil space, enhance the indoor artistic atmosphere. Oil paintings hanging on the porch, sofa, table,

    after the aisle walls, stairs walls and other places, if you can hang on the painting paintings, can often play a role in landscaping, but when painting hanging, should pay attention to the following points: 1, general painting surface will have very thick smear texture, so in the suspension time, if inclined slightly downward, can well prevent fouling. 2, such as the same group of oil paintings, in suspension, it should not be too close to the two paintings. 3, not from the front to the direct lighting painting picture, from the side of

    the light source above, can be more conducive to the ornamental painting. 4, large format painting hanging, to consider the wall paintings in front of the space distance, if too close, often unable to enjoy painting.Chinese words as home accessories in home life more popular. The purpose of decorating the home painting there are three: the embodiment of taste, interior decoration space, to meet the Feng shui. The method of using Chinese brush painting, is also due to the use of pen and ink brush techniques, which

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