pattern plate technically

  • serves as an enterprise, the tail that cannot follow the market goes, we must lead the market, should one spans of the gender surmount, so we introduced product line of two this kind of clear glue, produce the paper laminated ply board sticking a face of laminating pattern plate technically. Wu Rong of limited company general manager says course of study of wood of lake of Yi of Jing of ��. Through old development, at present Shu in relief county has lumber to process a business many 2400, year machine lumber 6.3 million stere, the countryside �� of board of district of �� gradually make good, but equipment backward, technology arrangement of ideas of simple, product is how much should i pay for plastic horse fencing inferior the bottleneck that also becomes industrial promotion.

    Make strong lumber industry greatly to do, shu in relief county is made published �� to encourage industrial company ability to change equipment outside patio flooring investment to give aid to policy �� , introduce in advanced equipment, science and technology is transformed on �� develops; to force �� enterprise and active also �� sends lumber treatment company force �� , form an alliance actively with institution of higher learing, strengthen the research development of new product, those who increase lumber resource is integrated use a level.

    Nowadays, change the consistent consensus Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trust that wants benefit to had become lumber of Shu in relief county to machine business operator to ability, old industry burst forth new vitality. Governmental �� sends force �� to �� of force �� , enterprise, aroused the new vitality that transition of industry of entire county lumber upgrades greatly.