no longer satisfied with the basic decoration

  • strong anti-risk ability, the raw material prices this part of the pressure from the internal digestion. In addition, under the influence of "light decoration, heavy decoration", the share of basic decoration is not great, the decoration demand has not been restrained, and the cost of the main material is within the range that consumers bear.

    Beijing's more powerful home improvement company in addition to "quotes" on the article, but also in the design, integration concepts, materials, procurement, after-sales service and other aspects of their brains, to avoid the immediate market competition, so that competition to form a New pattern. Fourth,

    the conclusion began in 2004, Beijing home improvement enterprises began to put forward integrated home. Later, many companies began to engage in home improvement package. At present, Beijing home improvement enterprises are no longer satisfied with the basic decoration, but began to upstream and downstream: building materials, cabinets, furniture and other industries extended.

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