floor bulging

  • the zhuhai complaints about wood floor 70% for installation and accessories slippery laminate floor solutions . Building materials chamber of commerce to warn customer, wood floor of choose and buy should not only focus on board quality, accessories and installation also nots allow to ignore Cheap composite decking utah .

    The end of February, Mr Qin chose "changbai mountain" wooden floor, by merchants package installation. Less than a month, the floor bulging deformation of large area High quality wooden fencing from austraila . Mr Qin thought floor quality has a problem, demand compensation from the seller. Seller said floor quality passed the inspection,

    sure no problem. After negotiation, the two sides decided to identification was carried out on the floor. Results large accident -- floor deformation is installed is not standard pvc wall cladding panels kerala , did not leave enough due to shrinkage joint. "Decorate there is a jargon 'three products seven parts installation, consumers tend to ignore the main point."