specific hardwood trees

  • It is reported, in very long in the past period of time, mozambique encounters the problem that speaks at will to lumber all the time, especially a few specific hardwood trees are planted exploitation amount is very huge. The reporter understands, mozambique loses forest of 220 thousand hectare every year, composite fencing materials uk the reason is cutting not only, still have Lin Huo, agriculture and building commandeer land.

    Mozambique state land, environment and director of forest of resource development department breath out Wei Sakanbeila to express, expectation this ban can very old rate External Wood Panels restricts illegal cutting, machine course of study to create more opportunities for Mozambique lumber, include to raise lumber to machine the additional cost of modern level and lumber product.

    Mozambique is located in African southeast ministry, the area makes an appointment with kilometer of 800 thousand square. Come for years, mozambique is China all the time brunet and rare furniture and sculpture timbered are main origin country, the rare wood of exit has Bao Gu Dou (flocculus red wingceltis) , using composite lumber in a truck bed beans of Si Tuman cliff (gallinaceous wing wood) , black Mu Huangtan (East Africa is black yellow wingceltis) , angola rosewood (tall cotton pear) , snail spic wood (African the pride of China) , wind car wood (Hei Zitan, skin is grey) ,