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  • This wood is naturally resistant to rot and insects. However, it has a tendency to split, you can consider the deck of the floor is too soft. It may be better used for railings or other parts of your structure and won't get much use. This is a kind of Brazil hardwood, resistant to decay, bad weather and insects. outdoor exterior rough surface flooring for extreme cold conditions. It stays cool in hot climates because it does not retain heat. At the same time, it is not easy to scratch or split, making it an ideal high flow area. It needs regular maintenance to keep its rich color and resistance to drugs. A variety of composite materials can be used on deck. outdoor insulation panels. Some types of wood are more practical than others and therefore require more maintenance. A material containing a polymer shield, mildew and mildew. Most of the composites look very rich and well tolerate all types of weather. They are generally scraping and stain. These types are generally higher in cost because of their special qualities. In the long run, you may save money, because you don't need regular maintenance like other types of wood. grey cement patio tile moistureproof.