Engraved porcelain baking skills

  • In the hard smooth moist ceramicware, with diamonds or alloy tool engraved with the screen decoration, and then given the color ink, the knife will be presented, that the porcelain art. In the ceramic utensils, with ceramic wood composite plastic turkey paint to draw the screen decoration, and then into the kiln high temperature barbecue, the screen paint and utensils glazed together, that the painting art.

    deep glaze ceramic products (black glaze, brown glaze, etc.) the use of glaze layer changes engraved with the glaze layer of the pasture, Into the screen, not any color. Fu color method gradually use oil paint, compared with the advantages of Chinese painting deck skirting menards paint is a combination of more solid, waterproof, but still able to fall off or discoloration.

    In order to overcome the traditional carved porcelain art color decoration is not strong, discoloration and other issues, will engrave the works, given building a porch deck the ceramic color, re-enter the kiln after about 800 �� high temperature barbecue, bright colors, never fade. After more than a year in different ceramic materials (bone china, talc porcelain, Pu white porcelain, etc.) a variety of temperature (temperature, high temperature) repeated tests, and ultimately successful, for the carved porcelain gift added a new Decorative method. Carved porcelain baking art both to maintain Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trust the carved porcelain knife, knife track the same, but also to maintain the color after the bright and colorful, is the porcelain art innovation and development.