selective examination basis

  • This second supervise selective examination basis GB/T 22102-2008 " anticorrosive lumber " , GB/T 27653-2011 " the titration of analytic method two-phase of salt of ammonium of the season in anticorrosive lumber " wait for requirement of national level and relevant product standard, undertook examining to low maintenance composite decking at ikea the following project of the product: Alburnum permeate is led; Active part holds an amount; Use environment classifications. This second selective examination the regulation that discovers 2 batch product not to accord with a standard, involved unqualified item is: Active part holds an amount; Use environment classifications.

    According to statistic, 2016 1-9 month, full continent in examine quarantine bureau examines in all quarantine imports timber 105 thousand batches, 8.781 million stere,pavilion kits removeable wall panels grow 22.6% compared to the same period. Import log among them 42 thousand batches, 3.151 million stere, grow 4.0 % compared to the same period; Sawn timber 63 thousand batches, 5.63 million stere, grow 36.3% compared to the same period.

    In recent years, get our country natural forest commerciality bans lumber of cut down, Russia to export policy to adjust wait for multiple element influence, full continent tongue and groove douglas fir porch decking in in successive years of entrance of port sawn timber rises considerably, full 2015 continent in port imports timber 9.198 million stere, among them sawn timber 4.984 million stere, log 4.214 million stere, sawn timber occupies lumber to import gross comparing to heft 54.2% , become full continent in port entrance measures the oldest capable person to plant.