US contracting conservation works

  • Japan's high-grade highway construction, operation and management and conservation work, not directly organized by the government to implement, but by the public organization - the Japanese road company is responsible. The public corporation has responsibility for the maintenance of the road maintenance, and the concrete maintenance work is carried out by the management office under the administration. Maintenance funds in accordance with the Japanese "Road Corporation Law" provisions of the plan for the maintenance of funds, approved by the Government Construction Minister after the implementation. It is important to note that since the highway construction of foreign developed countries was basically completed shortly after the end of the Second World War, the research and development of national highway technology and key technologies have gradually shifted to highway maintenance management since the beginning of the 1980s As a result, the proportion of highway maintenance investment accounted for far more than the proportion of highway construction funds. Through the analysis and comparison, the characteristics of foreign high-grade highway maintenance management can be summarized as legalization, socialization, specialization, marketization and maintenance of the mechanization of several aspects of the operation. In accordance with the requirements of the establishment of a socialist market economic system and the original nature of the high-grade highway public welfare commodities, these aspects should also be the direction of the development of China's high-grade highway maintenance and management efforts. finger expansion joints bridge concrete blades for concrete saw consolidation grouting construction plan delicate road maintenance machinery