buy a price is not cheap floor

  • yesterday when a reporter saw this net posts, the post click rate has been close to 2000. Signed by the "jspz" poster described his seemingly "wronged" experience. At the beginning of the year, the main home to buy the floor, "jspz" will be brought to a decoration city in Hexi, in the "jspz" strongly recommended,

    the main home to buy a price is not cheap floor. However, let "jspz" did not think that the next day he in accordance with the "rules" to go to the floor where the rebate, the other side even denied. "Jspz" is very angry in the post, he said to the owner of the floor to sell the floor, said: "Your floor should sell what price you know,

    if I said your goods is good, you simply can not do this single Business, in my help the main home no counter-offer, you earn too much. I am busy for a while, not to check with you. The next morning to go with you knot, you ungrateful things that can not remember. Line, if you do not give me this time, I published on the Internet to you,

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