Highway Maintenance Technology and Management

  • According to the end of 2001 the country's second road census report shows that by the end of 2001 the national highway traffic mileage of 169.8 million kilometers, ranking fourth in the world. Of which grade highway mileage of 1.336 million km, accounting for 78.7% of the total mileage; two and below the highway mileage of 22.7 million km, accounting for 13% .4; road road mileage of 1.546 million km, accounting for 91%; told the road traffic mileage of 36200 km, The initial formation of economies of scale. Compared with the achievements and prospects of high-grade highway construction, the maintenance and management of high-grade highways in China is seriously lagging behind and can not meet the needs of high-speed development of highway industry in China. This paper briefly introduces the application and importance of maintenance management of high grade highway. High-grade highway in China's rapid development, has been the national north-south step. People's daily travel and travel more and more feel the benefits of high-level highways and convenient for China's rapid economic development, people's living standards to lay a solid foundation for the transport. But because of non-standard construction and unreasonable conservation procedures led to our high-grade highway transport capacity suffered a great impact. Early regulation of high-grade highway management and conservation is particularly important. grounds maintenance definition milling machine vs drill press digital cutting machines supplies positive and negative of slotting allowances