High temperature furnace type

  • High temperature coatings are successfully used on the furnace High temperature furnace type, die-casting furnace, resistance furnace and a new type of laser furnace, high temperature, high friction, which led to the high wood decorative art wall panels temperature furnace bonding bonding, high temperature insulation, high temperature oxidation of materials Anti-corrosion has become an important problem to solve.

    The development of the furnace high temperature adhesive, furnace high temperature insulation coating and furnace high temperature closed coating, to overcome the high melting furnace to solve the problem. Furnace high temperature how to install composite decking with screws insulation coating: ZS-1 furnace high temperature insulation industrial coatings, using Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution. ZS-1023 ultra-high temperature metal anti-oxidation coating

    long-term resistance to high temperature can reach 3000 ��, can be a good protection of the metal is not high temperature oxidation corrosion, temperature anti-oxidation coating can effectively prevent high temperature Oxygen to composite deck molding the substrate penetration, high hardness, impact resistance, high linear expansion coefficient, good thermal vibration coefficient.

    Furnace high temperature adhesive: ZS-1071 furnace high temperature inorganic binder temperature can reach 1800 ��, in the water at the same time, the paint will instantly adhere to the furnace substrate surface, the formation of high temperature protective coating uniform and dense Thermal shock performance is good, the protective effect is remarkable. The successful use of high temperature paint furnace for energy-saving emission reduction to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of significant significance, both conducive to the furnace equipment to improve product quality Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trust and economic benefits, but also conducive to energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources, clean production, recycling economy and other work is important