How to improve municipal road maintenance work

  • Main contents of municipal road maintenance work Road waves In the process of laying the road, if there is no master pavement materials and details of the problem, it will make the road after the short-term use of waves, the most important reason for this situation is the laying of technology, but because of municipal road maintenance work itself More difficult, in the process of vehicle driving, if there is a wave of road road there will be a large road security risks, the body due to vibration will form a greater harm, and the wavy road to the late road maintenance work also brought Greater difficulty. In view of this situation, the need for road maintenance staff based on different construction environment and technical requirements, to develop a reasonable municipal road maintenance program. Road subsidence, if the road driving more large vehicles, the road will be due to bear the intensity of excessive subsidence, so that the road rut more and traces of deep, for road maintenance personnel, the subsidence is a common but difficult to maintain Large road failure, the road caused by the fault area is large, while the destruction of strong, if the roadside subsidence for the implementation of effective post-maintenance management work, we must for a large section of the road to implement municipal road maintenance and maintenance work. asphalt seal coating calculator drive type roadline marking machine price first class quality of road maintenance equipment maintenance repair concrete pavement crack