How to improve municipal road maintenance work

  • In the municipal road maintenance work in the shortcomings mainly include the following aspects: First, the implementation of road maintenance of the relevant staff professional quality is not high. According to the relevant data analysis, only about 30% of the staff in the road maintenance department of our country has been trained in specialized professional quality, and in the municipal road maintenance department, the rest of the road maintenance staff professional quality are off, and even some road maintenance The staff is a temporary worker hired by the enterprise. Because of the large difference in the professional quality of the workers in the road construction and maintenance department, the quality of the road maintenance work can not meet the quality requirements standard, which seriously affects the image of the road construction and maintenance department in our country. Second, the road maintenance department measures are imperfect. Road maintenance is a long and arduous task. In the implementation of road maintenance work, the main source of funding for road maintenance work is the state's financial expenditure, which will have a certain impact on the local fiscal revenue, seriously restricting the road maintenance Departmental management system development; Third, China's road maintenance management philosophy behind. In the actual work of municipal road maintenance, under normal circumstances, China's municipal road maintenance departments to implement the maintenance of the road are mainly after the maintenance, that is, when the road subgrade or road problems, only to take the appropriate conservation measures, this backward Of the management concept of the municipal road traffic accidents caused a great impact. rollers for runners for sale difference between pave and micro pave concrete ground cutting product design metallurgical mining and chemical equipment for sale